This town is a bee hive.

I am quickly approaching being in central Arkansas for one whole month now. The time has flown by! This is the first time I have moved and not had something waiting for me upon arrival though. When I moved to Carbondale it was for school, I started my assistantship immediately the next day. When I got here I had boxes waiting on me & got to start unpacking the next day. I would have much rather been in a tomato field.

Moving to a new city can be fun though with the right attitude. I have already scoped out the best Goodwill's & found the quickest short cuts through town. Little Rock & the entire metropolitan area is really like a bee hive though. All of the cities dotting the region make up this comb that drips with sweet richness. Each town has its own special something. The people here are pleasantly nice & dedicated to their state and heritage. I have really enjoyed buzzing around the Benton/Bryant area. I am missing cows, corn fields & fresh veggies though.

I've enjoyed getting to know the high school seniors of Benton, Bryant, Bauxite & Glen Rose! I've had some really rockstar seniors so far & I know there are plenty more to come! I have been shown awesome places like Pine Hill Ranch & shot my first athletic session for a Benton Lady Panther! I am excited for all of the other seniors that the area has to offer.