You got a camera, now what?

Diving into photography can be tough and scary. There are so many people out there telling you how to set your settings, what presets to buy, don't price too low, never shoot for free, don't ever use the knot, always do this, that, but never tell you why. So many recourses but you aren't sure which ones are the best, so many presets that make images look amazing but don't do the same for you, so MANY THINGS and it's overwhelming!

I've been where you are and I am here to give you the fast pass I wish I had


I offer a few different types of packages in two different settings - over zoom and in person. The zoom packages are perfect for anyone anywhere who is just needing some dang answers. The in-person packages are a much deeper of a dive and allows you to see me in action! I will do into depth about each package available below!

zoom photography mentorship packages

Photography Mentorships

Q&A Session - $150

This sessions is for someone newer to the industry who just needs answers to all of their questions. You feel like you just need to sit down with someone who can share their secrets to success and help you decide what your next steps are. You get to ask me any question (nothing off limits) and I will share what worked for me and make recommendations about what I think you could do! This session could cover:

  • settings
  • posing
  • software
  • booking
  • client experience
  • and more!

Wedding Photography Editing Mentorhsips

Editing Session - $150

This is ideal for photographers who cannot quite make their images do what they want and need to create an editing workflow. You have lightroom but don't know if you're using it to it's fullest capacity. Maybe you just need to watch someone edit to see how they do it and compare or take notes. Maybe you just need someone to watch YOU . Or maybe you aren't really sure what white balance and the HSL sliders do. This session could cover:

  • different lighting scenarios
  • editing 10-20 of your RAW images
  • LRC settings
  • culling
  • identifying your ideal editing style
  • and more!

in person photography mentorship packages

Any zoom packages can be converted to in person for $50!

1:1 in person photo mentorships - $300

These are perfect for people who are local to Central Arkansas or STL who want to get together and immerse themselves in a full mentorship experience. Prepare for an information overload! We will start by meeting for coffee and learning a little bit about you & your biz! We will spend time answering your questions, developing strategies for your biz and then end with a live hands on shooting session! Anticipate from this packages

  • 2-3 hours
  • posing techniques
  • client experience
  • editing process
  • goal setting
  • pictures to add to your portfolio
  • and more!

Arkansas Wedding Photography Mentorships


How do I know which package is right for me?

Where do these take place?

How soon are you available to mentor?


How do I know which package is right for me?

If you're not sure which one you need feel free to reach out and ask! We can have a conversation about where you're at in your biz and what you think your next steps are!

Where do these take place?

If you are not local we will do these over zoom! If you are local we will start by getting together at a coffee shop then move to a shooting location of both of our choosings!

How soon are you available to mentor?

I am usually available within 2 weeks of initial inquiry! If it is in person it may be a little longer just based off of our schedules. But don't worry - we will work together to get something on the schedule quick!

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