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Setting a budget for your wedding is one of the hardest but most important first steps in the planning process. According to The Knot's 2021 Real Wedding Study, the average nationwide, total cost of a wedding last year was $28,000. The average total cost for a wedding in Arkansas was $21,800. Deciding how money you want to spend and where/what you want to spend it on is really important when searching for your wedding vendors. Here are a few of the average costs for typical wedding day staples as according to

DJ: $1400

Florist: $2300

Wedding Dress: $1800

Wedding Cake: $500

Catering: $75 (per person)

Invitations: $530

Venue: $10,700

HMU: $250

Planner: $1700

Photographer: $2500

Videographer: $1900

Here are a few ways to save a few dollars when making wedding planning decisions:

  • Feeding your guests is often one of the largest expenses in a traditional wedding with plated meals, but many couples have moved to less expensive food options like buffets and food trucks which can knock your costs down to as low as $27 per person.
  • Find ways to DIY your signs, decor, and floral to help save on costs.
  • Ask a friend to log into their Spotify premium and keep the playlist rolling all night to save on a DJ.
  • Some venues have day of coordinators available at a low cost or find a trusted (and confident) friend or family member to keep the day rolling smoothly.

Some of these expenses can be easily knocked down by determining what is most important and where you can save.

Some expenses should remain important and trying to cut costs can mean sacrificing quality such as

  • cake
  • dress
  • HMU
  • photographer/videographer

There is really not a right or wrong amount of money to spend on your wedding. It is 1000% okay if you don't spend even HALF of the average dollar amount on your wedding. Let's be honest, the wedding industry is sorta jank anyways. Items cost more just because they are for a wedding. Find those loopholes and short cuts. Have your great aunt sally make your bouquets & your bff handwrite all of your table number.

Honestly, I will be over here cheering you on!

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