I think photographing wedding details are one of my favorite parts of the entire day. It is the one chance I get to be truly creative and make the minute things memorable. These are the images the bride and groom will really only value. The little things the bride stressed over that most guests won't ever notice. The little things like her earrings, the rsvp cards, the ring box, her perfume. The little things like her grandmas hair piece she wears, or her grandpas hankie. The little things like her crazy expensive rhinestone shoes and the close details of her dress.

Wedding Detail Photography . Ring Shot

A few days before I shoot a wedding, I will contact the bride with the details list! I like to have them collect all items in one, easy location so when I arrive I can work my magic and we aren't searching all over for an unfolded invitation or her hair pins. I am sharing that list here for you to share with your future brides too!

The list is really a "choose your own details adventure" some brides will have more things! Some brides will have less things. But even with all the brides items - I still bring a few finishing pieces of my own! I will share a list of my favorite flat lay items I bring along.

Wedding detail list, wedding flat lay list

The list of items I bring with me for flat lay / detail shots

Flat lay / Wedding Detail essentials

List I send to brides to collect all details together on day of wedding

Once I am in my details groove, I will usually carve out 30 minutes to shoot all of the details in different settings, focusing on different details individually. I will shoot the shoes in different positions, the rings in different settings, the invitations with rings, invitation without rings, rings in the bouquet, dress in the venue, all wearable details. It is like a never ending puzzle / equation with no wrong answer! Let your imagination run. Let the shots be busy, let the shots be simple, but let yourself have a little peaceful fun before the real crazy fun of the wedding day happens.

I will link here a few of my details / flat lay essentials!

Chiffon Ribbons for flat lays

Acrylic Blocks to elevate rings

Ring boxes for wedding rings and bands

Vintage stamps for details


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