Hot Springs Engagement

The weather is finally getting a little warmer and engagements for the 2023 wedding season are underway! I met with Colton & Julia in downtown Hot Springs a few weekends ago on a dreary Sunday to take their engagement pictures. They get married this summer so we wanted to knock these out!

First off - I am convinced that Hot Springs actually has it's own little micro-climate and the weather does whatever it wants there. I don't think I have been there and it not been overcast & misty. Like, there was nothing on the radar that day & there was just this fine mist flying around in the air, at one point it even drizzled (still nothing on the radar!!)

BUT, that cool mist made the springs so STEAMY!! While these pics would have been dreamy during golden hour, I think they are even dreamier with all of the mist hanging in the air. We wandered down the promenade, across bath house row & by some act of magic, we got super lucky and caught the big pool free of people, thus resulting in the best pics ever with all of the steam floating up in the air. Julia was such a champ with her curls and they didn't let the weather phase them at all!

Find some of my favorites from their session below!